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Re: BA's new flat rate -- its $249 per month for residents

  Based on data for 75 teleworkers at this site, we see that for every hour
  of time spent with an ISDN connection, 0.6 of the hour is with both B
  channels open, 0.4 of an hour is with only one B channel open.  We have
  also made the timeout of channel 2 to be rather prompt, in case US West
  gets their ripoff tolling scheme approved by the Corp Commission here.
  Our average teleworker at this site uses a BRI connection to our site for 
  about 54 hours per month (this is total clock time, including the time
  when both channels are in use, and the time when only one channel is in
  use.  Data is for March  of this year).
  User community includes a broad selection of types: Engineers, Marketers, Documenation workers, Network and System Admins, Business Planners, etc. 
  To keep the teleworking program viable, we need a FLAT ISDN mothly rate 
  which is priced to cost (ie, about $25/mo), not priced to protect all the obsolete technologies.