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Re: BA's new flat rate -- its $249 per month for residents

  At 12:57 PM 4/18/96 -0400, Giorgio Gomelsky wrote:
  >In NYNEXland it's 8 cents initial charge/call plus 1.3 cents/minute per
  >channel additional, I guess. Never used 2 so I'm not sure.
  That must be New Yawk.  It's currently a very different rate structure
  in Gnu England.
  Here, Audio/Speech Bearer ("voice") calls are charged at the selected
  tariff option, which can be flat or measured, with various calling radii
  available in Metro Boston.  Data bearer calls are charged at the
  *measured* voice rate, which never has extended radii.  Thus a call might
  be free/local if voice, toll if data.  Thus widespread use of DOSBS.
  In Vermont, I think any inter-office ISDN data bearer call is over 30 cents 
  per minute!  It's always cheaper to call across state lines.
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