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US West ISDN Customer Letter

  This from Peter Mashall regarding the US West tariff....  Note that the 
  200 hours of B channel use for $63 is compared to the $60 for 140 or $90 
  for 300 hours by BA in its new plan.  These are very close to the new 
  flat rate BellSouth tariffs for the non-Tennessee states, and about $10 
  to $15 more than the new SBC flat rate Texas tariffs.  (I'm not sure how 
  the SLC and other charges are figured in).  
  ---------- Forwarded message ----------
       March 22, 1996
       Dear ISDN Single Line Service Customer:
       Recently, U S WEST Communications filed tariff modifications to the
       ISDN "Single Line Service" (SLS) in Washington. The $35 measured
       package remains the same. The $50 measured with 40 hour per month
       usage allowance and the $63 flat-rated packages have been withdrawn
       and replaced with a $63 measured package with 200 hours per month
       usage allowance. The new 200 hour package is a "virtual" flat rate.
       Two hundred hours is approximately equivalent to 10 hours a day,
       five days a week. It is necessary for us to charge for usage beyond
       200 hours per month. This change allows us to continue to provide
       you with reliable, efficient service and expanded communications
       The $50 measured service plan with 40 hours per month usage
       allowance is being discontinued. If this is your current pricing
       plan we will continue to support this plan for one year from the
       effective date of the new tariff. At that time, we will transfer
       your service to the $35 measured service unless you instruct us
       otherwise. Those customers who have the $63 flat-rated package will
       be transfered to the $63 measured service with 200 hours per month
       usage allowance when the new tariff is effective. U S WEST will not
       begin billing for usage above 200 hours before August, 1996.
       Each pricing option includes a robust package of voice and data
       features, and offers our customers greater flexibility. The pricing
       options are as follows:
       Installation Service Area A Service Area B
       Measured Service $110 $35/month $69/month
       Measured Service with 200
       hrs./mo. usage allowance $110 $63/month $84/month
       Note: The prices shown do not include Customer Access Line Charge
       (CALC - currently $5.91/mo.) and taxes. Ninety-eight percent of our
       current customers are located in Service Area A which includes the
       greater Seattle area. 
       For the heavy users, we have set a maximum charge for the 200 hour
       package. In Service Area A and Service Area B, it is $169 and $189,
       respectively. That is, for the 200 hour measured package you will
       never be charged per month more than $169 and $189, regardless of
       use. All tariff and price modifications require Commission review
       and approval before changes can be made. The charges per minute of
       use for local calls for both Measured Service options are:
       Mileage Band Initial Minute Additional Minute
       0 - 8 miles $.040 $.015
       9 miles and over $.045 $.020
       You can transfer to the new SLS at any time from the $50 measured
       package with 40 hours of usage allowance without penalty or
       additional installation charges. Additional lines must be purchased
       from the new tariff. The new tariff also applies if your service
       location changes. Your current service cannot be moved to a new
       We value your business, and hope this will not inconvenience you in
       any way. Your questions or concerns can also be directed to your
       account representative, or to Jane Nishita, Public Policy Manager,
       at Room 3012, 1600 7th Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98191, or you
       may call 206-345-2316. Please feel free to call collect.
       The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission encourages
       your written comments in opposition, or in favor of, this filing.
       If you would like to be on the mailing list for the Commission's
       Notice of Open Meeting to consider this filing or have questions
       about the Commission's process, you may call the Commission's toll
       free number 1-800-622-2967, or write to:
       Utilities and Transportation Commission
       P.O. Box 47250
       Olympia, WA 98504-7250
       Wednesday, April 24, 1996 at 9:00 a.m. is the TENTATIVE hearing
       date set for this filing. The Commission may accept only written
       comments or comments submitted at the open meeting as part of the
       formal record.
       Len Burres
       Product Manager, ISDN Single Line Service
       U S WEST Communications
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