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Re: Regulatory Committee

  4/18/96 11:21am ct
                  Gene Crick Accepts Appointment
          I am happy to announce the appointment of Gene Crick to the
  Regulatory Committee of the Texas ISDN Users Group, effective immediately.
          An official newcomer to the TIUG although a long time partisan
  (hanger-on), Gene Crick brings a breadth of experience to the committee and
  to the regulatory process.
          Gene began his life-work in the field of computer sciences.  After a
  career as a systems designer, Gene has turned his avocation into his
  profession by becoming a technology journalist and currently is editor and
  publisher of Texas Telecom Journal.  Along the way Gene served as assistant
  editor of the Texas Observer, a journal of political fact and opinion, and
  central Texas editor for Texas Computing magazine as well as a contributing
  writer to many national publications.
          Gene recently has founded and currently serves as President of the
  Texas Internet Service Providers Association.
          We are particularly indebted to Mr. Crick for his formulation of the
  "TIUG Regulatory Team Pledge", a work of enduring insight regarding the
  requirements of the committee membership.
  Robert Brown
  Chair, TIUG Regulatory Committee        
          >The Texas ISDN Users' Group Regulatory Team Pledge:
  >I, Gene Crick, do solemnly swear on my oath and promise, with hand on
  >the Sacred Router, that I will faithfully uphold the obligations and
  >duties, to the best of my abilities, and acknowledging that I am a
  >married man, or at least was when HB2128 began and I last talked with
  >my wife, whose name escapes me at the moment, with obligations to meet
  >and dogs to feed, I will nevertheless remain staunch and true, in the
  >face of Bell, BRIs, and bullshit, enduring PRI, Plexar and generally
  >being PUC'd around, hewing to the task of getting ISDN out to serve
  >the general markets of Texas, with any luck sometime before the Sun cools.
  >And thus spake the faithful, assembled in the Name of TIUG, saying unto 
  >the multitudes, "Let There Be Bandwidth!"
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