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Re: BA's new flat rate -- its $249 per month for residents

  On Thu, 18 Apr 1996, Bob Larribeau wrote:
  > I think you are overstating your case.  What you say is basically true for
  > TAs like the BitSurfr or Win 95 Dial-up networking.  With the ISDN router
  > products like the Ascend Pipeline 50 I use, B-channels are brought up and
  > down on demand.
  > I have my Pipe 50 set up to be reasonably sensitive.  In a recent month I
  > had 37 hours of usage on the first B-channel and 5.4 hours on the second
  > B-channel.  You really don't need two B-channels for Internet access most of
  > the time.
  	My point is that under either scenario--one or both B channels in
  use--the pricing is ridiculous, not remotely linked to costs, and will
  contribute to ISDN's continued snail-like emergence as a viable option.  I
  think this is really unfortunate considering the technologies potential
  and poeples' desire for faster access.  In addition, other postings have
  indicated heavier usage of both B channels than you have experienced.  If
  BA ever gets a decent tariff in place and I get the service, I will be
  looking forward to using the full capacity available without worrying
  about being double billed.  They can price 2B + D at a reasonable rate and
  still make money--other LECs seem to be able to do just that.
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