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Re: BA's new flat rate -- its $249 per month for residents

  Bob Larribeau wrote:
  > I think you are overstating your case.  What you say is basically true for
  > TAs like the BitSurfr or Win 95 Dial-up networking.  With the ISDN router
  > products like the Ascend Pipeline 50 I use, B-channels are brought up and
  > down on demand.
  > I have my Pipe 50 set up to be reasonably sensitive.  In a recent month I
  > had 37 hours of usage on the first B-channel and 5.4 hours on the second
  > B-channel.  You really don't need two B-channels for Internet access most of
  > the time.
  > Bob Larribeau
  Interesting point Bob.  Supports the contention that Internet access should
  really use a packet technology such as Frame Relay which could be priced
  much more economically than committed bandwidth services such as ISDN.
  BTW, does your LEC levy a per/connection charge like Bell of PA ($.07/call)?
  And, if you don't mind my asking, what did that 'recent month' you mentioned
  cost you?
  Bob Monaco