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Re: Bentonite Contamination

  God, these companies have a lot of nerve.
  Baghouse contents are allowed to be MIXED
  with bottom ash and ESP ash and sent to
  an ordinary landfill. But PIG FEED? That has
  got to take the cake. No wonder the U.S.
  population is at the "dioxin limit"!!!
  These guys are really CRAZY...
  there seems to be a certain kind of bonehead
  "intelligence": turning hazardous waste and
  high-heavy-metal municipal sludge into
  "fertiziler", feeding dioxin-laced baghouse
  waste to pigs, using uranium for bullets...
  there's a kind of "I don't care what the
  consequences are, we're all going to die
  soon anyway" or "I don't want to
  know the consequences" mentality
  about all of this.
  Regarding the bentonite: the feed company claims that
  it was all clean bentonite straight from a mine, not
  re-used bentonite. If any of it was from a baghouse,
  that would explain the presence of dioxins, but
  NOT the large TCDD component of the collection
  of dioxins and furans...
  From: Rebecca Leighton Katers <cwac@execpc.com>
  To: Multiple recipients of list <dioxin-l@essential.org
  Dat e: Friday, August 01, 1997 4:55 PM
  Subject: Bentonite Contamination
  I just spoke with an engineer who told me that a
  relatively new technique injects bentonite mixed
  with activiated charcoal into industrial boilers
  to absorb potential air pollutants in municipal
  and other waste incinerators.
  The contaminated bentonite and charcoal is then
  collected in the baghouse or other particle
  collector used for air pollution control.
  Is it possible that this bentonite found its way
  into the animal feed, carrying dioxin with it?
  This same engineer said he talked recently
  with an (unnamed) company, and was surprised when he
  about the hazardous waste disposal requirements
  for the baghouse contents.  
  The company replied that there were no disposal
  requirements --- they used it for pig feed.
  How are baghouse wastes tracked?
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