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Re: Bentonite Contamination

  > PIG FEED???
  > God, these companies have a lot of nerve.
  > Baghouse contents are allowed to be MIXED
  > with bottom ash and ESP ash and sent to
  > an ordinary landfill. But PIG FEED? That has
  > got to take the cake. No wonder the U.S.
  > population is at the "dioxin limit"!!!
  > These guys are really CRAZY...
  Not crazy. Just moral relativists without conscience.  The primary reason
  that these atrocities occur can be found in RCRA.  Chapter 40 of the Code
  of Federal Regulations, Part 261, Sections 261.2 and 261.6 allows
  "previously banned or recycled hazardous wastes (which by the way may
  contain...you got it dioxin...heavy metals and radiation) into pesticides
  and other products..."  When I asked one EPA Enforcement regulator (I won't
  mention his name as he would probably be harassed and or fired or
  imprisoned) just how it was determined which hazardous wastes could be
  disposed of in what consumer products, he said it was based solely on who
  did the best lobbying and had nothing to do with health or safety.  I began
  looking into this toxic shell game when I realized that lacing pesticides
  with toxic waste complete with heavy metal contaminants and radiation was
  actually allowed.  This is because there are no tests required or available
  to test for heavy metal or radioactive contaminants in these (I call them
  prebannedrehazrads...previously banned pesticides, never registered
  pesticides, recycled hazardous waste and radiation...yummy).  The EPA
  coughed up this information in response to a FOIA and a Special Project to
  their pesticide division.  What was of additional concern was that known,
  convicted corporate garbage felons had been purchasing pest control
  companies like mad...often from state pest control regulatory officials and
  admitting in press interviews that they just might be recycling their haz
  waste into their pesticides.  After all it was legal.
       It does not surprise me that corporate amerika would poison us all by
  feeding haz waste to pigs...what I can't understand is why we are not
  rioting in the streets about this atrocity.  Dioxin pigs never would have
  occurred if the Delaney Clause had not been repealed.  Delaney kept cancer
  causing substances from being used or included in processed food.  It
  needed to strengthened not revoked.  This explains why the pig phenomenon
  only began after Delaneys repeal.  Under Delaney there was no rush to raise
  as many hogs as the neighbors would tolerate.  This successful disposal
  method must be the cause of all the relentless numbers of hog farms
  springing up all over America.  Far more hogs than can be eaten by
  Americans alone.  When questioned we are told that foreign hog consumption
  is good for the balance of trade.  This could also give us a hint as to why
  (even huge amounts) pig feces would so contaminate the Neuse River in NC. 
  Perhaps it's not some mysterious bacteria that is causing serious injury
  and death to fish and people who live and work in the river.  Perhaps it is
  some undiscoverable synergistically formed compound.  Although most of us
  have caught on to the Gov. ploy of testing for everything but what would
  logically be there and announcing that the public should be happy, don't
  worry.  Just don't eat the fish or put your hands in the water without
  rubber gloves.
       This haz waste shell game is I feel sure one reason why we are seeing
  exponential increases in people injured and disabled by chemical poisoning
  who can no longer tolerate extremely low levels of chemicals.  Because we
  are constantly bombarded by haz waste that has been sneaked into common
  everyday products.
       Another wonderful asset to this haz waste shell game is that haz waste
  that  is "recycled or reused" in another product does not have to be
  manifested.  Kind of out of sight out of mind.  If you get disabled by my
  toxic product...tough you will never know where it came from.  And don't
  try to sue us because we, using our handy PR troops, have managed to reform
  the justice out of the judicial system.  And we won't stop until jury
  awards are obsolete and no attorney in their right mind will take a toxic
  tort case.
       Needless to say it would help if we could demand a strengthened
  Delaney and revoke the RCRA loophole.