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Re: correction: 1930

  They will only do this when forced to.
  It is likely that their very real fear of liability for the outrageous
  pollution created by the petrochemical industry makes these companies refuse
  to acknowledge that there are alternatives.  It is the same mentality as the
  tobacco industry, which knows the problem but is afraid to state it publicly
  due to the tremenous number of lawsuits that would follow an admission of
  People are innocent until proven guilty, not petrochemicals.
  Mark Robinowitz
  Stop the Outer Beltway -- http://www.igc.org/icc370
  At 02:43 PM 7/31/1997 -0400, you wrote:
  >I really do wish the members of that organization
  >would consider switching
  >to non-chlorine alternatives, and start calling
  >themselves the OCC, the
  >Oxygen Chemical Council. We'd have a healthier