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Re: oil inputs to paper?

  Hi, Carolyn,
  No, petroleum products are not the source of the dioxin in
  paper mill waste. It is the reaction of the chlorine bleach
  and the natural lignin (dark coloration) of the wood.
  I  believe what the plastics companies are getting at is that
  the process heat for paper mills is often from oil or gas.
  The most progressive plants - the ones that have closed loop
  production - use wood waste as a source of energy (because
  burning it produces only the dioxin from herbicide residue
  combustion), but I'd wager they still need to burn oil or gas
  for some process heat.
  Anyhow, it's a bogus argument. There are a thousand arguments
  against most plastic manufacture for each one in favor. ESPECIALLY
  Jon Campbell
  From: Carolyn Chase <cdchase@qualcomm.com>
  To: Multiple recipients of list <dioxin-l@essential.org>
  Date: Tuesday, July 29, 1997 13:15
  Subject: oil inputs to paper?
  I came across the following statement in a paper vs. plastic debate: -
  "There is a lot of petroleum used in the manufacturing of paper products.
  ++ can anyone enlighten me as to what part of paper manufacturing consumes
  a "lot of petroleum"? All I can think of is hauling the logs and hauling
  the paper; Are petro and petro byproducts inputs to any of the delignen
  processing? Is this the source of the dioxin byproduct?
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