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footnote on "criminal" trespass

  In Acton, Mass it was only as a result of criminal
  trespass by a jogger on the W.R. Grace property
  that the dumping and contamination of one of Acton's
  main aquifers and water supply was discovered. This
  led eventually to one of the largest chemical contamination
  settlements in the U.S. and the Acton aquifer restoration
  I am certain there are hundreds of other examples
  in which so-called "criminal" activity led to a disclosure
  of corporate wrongdoing as a result of the sharing
  of secret or hidden information. It is the corporate
  polluters and their public relations firms that fear
  disclosure, "trespass", "illegal" information leaks,
  and whistleblowers. (One odd - and funny - example
  of this is the "worst-case scenario" counter-attack
  strategy cooked up by a PR firm for Clorox Corporation
  against Greenpeace. Of course, the PR firm did not
  plan on the really worst-case scenario - that the plan
  would be leaked to Greenpeace!
  Everyone should get a copy of "Toxic Sludge Is Good For You"
  by John Stauber. It's a scream, and also deadly serious
  with regard to how the pollution industries are "greening"
  themselves. It has a large section on sludge application
  on land, and how certain PR firms are engaged in "selling"
  this new "technology".