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Cement kilns

  At 16:21 24/07/97 -0400, Sam McClintock wrote:
  >Most kilns use coal and coke as their primary fuel source.  These kilns
  >are a source of dioxins without any input whatsoever of haz waste; well
  >researched issue.
  I am part of a small group of activists promoting the use of thermolysis to
  process municipal solid waste. Thermolysis produces a carbon matrix which is
  then processed to retrieve inerts and salts - mainly chlorides. That black
  stuff is judged very interesting as a substitution fuel by cement kilns
  operators in Belgium. I guess this is a better way to do than feeding cement
  kilns with untreated MSW. Moreover, Belgium is expected to forbid the use of
  MSW in cement kilns within the coming months.
  Best regards, Manu de Broux
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  solid waste thermolysis vs. incineration. Site is bilingual French + English
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