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Re: More or Less Dioxin???

  >1. The information on the decrease of biologically available dioxin is
  >not data of my manufacture or industry's.  It is data gathered by
  >university and government research. If you have a problem with specific
  >pieces of research or those scientists, then point to the specific
  >research, the page number, and provide references.  Don't denigrate an
  >entire population of scientists with such an offhand and casual remark.
  The claim was made in the posting 'Dioxin sources' of a 75%
  reduction with no reference whatsoever.  What makes those questions
  raised against this claim any more offhand or casual than the
  original claim?
  >2.  If you have information that "bad news" is being suppressed, you
  >are more than welcome to point that out.  Again, be specific.
  A specific incidence of bad news being suppressed had already been
  mentioned, in a just previous posting, Re: Carolina Solite:
   >I.e.  EPA and industry have not yet coughed up any data on dioxin
   >emissions from BIFs on-site at the VCM plants we sampled.  This data
   >was promised over two years ago -- since when do trial burns
   >take so long to complete, unless you are trying to delay issuing the
   >results or doctor their interpretation or worse-- remember what
  >But the decrease in dioxin levels is not information generated by or
  >sponsored by industry.  So until I see research saying otherwise, I'm
  >going to take their peer-reviewed published word on it.  It is more
  >than one report we are talking about, more than one scientist, more
  >than one university, and more than one country that have all come to
  >same conclusion.
  Within the broadest terms of reference, pretty well all information in
  an industrial society is generated by and sponsored by industry.  But
  it is probably better that we argue this point obliquely.  Please
  state this 'same conclusion' definitively (including what is actually
  meant by biologically available) and list some of these peer-reviewed
  reports, scientists and countries.
  Philip Fleischer   philip@prcn.org