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Re: cement kilns

  In a report authored by Barry Commoner some years back, I believe he
  stated that dioxin was created from certain hydrocarbons including
  benzene, chlorphenols, and lignin (not sure about the latter).  Of
  course there's time, temperature, and turbulence.
  Also, recall Mike McDaniel, formerly Air Quality Secretary at the
  Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has mentioning that there
  were studies stating the dioxin has been identified in the tailpipes of
  cars and trucks.
  Therefore, is it my understanding that the process of burning fossil
  fuels (which contain chlorine from the ages when oceans that covered the
  earth), produce dioxins when burned?  And, to reduce dioxin production,
  do we need to stop burning anything that contains the certain
  hydrocarbons and chlorine whether is be the original fuels, the products
  or wastes made from those hydrocarbons?
  That concept may be more realistic when we really believe that the right
  to life is important, rather than the lip service given with the
  abortion issue.
  Susan Snow