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Re: cement kilns

  Before I go, some helpful numbers in using AP-42.  A typical dry kiln
  for cement production will:
  a) Use 4 to 6 tons per hour coal and coke. 
     Typical coal/coke ratio is 2.5.
     Need about 1.4 to 1.8 E8 btu's/hr
  b) Produces from 25 to 30 tons per hour of cement clinker
  (clinker is the intermediate product which eventually ends up as part
  of the cement.)
  Sorry for not using metric units for those outside of USA (we'll get
  there eventually).  Anyway, use numbers for your estimates of emissions
  with AP-42.  You will all start to realize why cement kilns are in the
  top ten list of dioxin producers (before haz waste feeds), and why they
  are not a particularly great place to live next to - an average single
  kiln can produce well over 1000 tons/year of NOx emissions.  Ouch.
  Sam McClintock