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Re: cement kilns

  As mentioned earlier, I'll be out for a while.  In the interim, I ask
  that those interested in the emission characterization of cement kilns
  check on the AP-42 document for cement kilns.  For those of you who are
  not aware of this, part of your tax dollars goes towards research that
  establishes an emission factor, or estimate of pollution in terms of
  process throughput or time, for almost all industrial sources.  One
  form of this research manifests itself in something called the
  Compilation of Air Pollutant Emission Factors, Stationary Point and
  Area Sources, AP-42; or just AP-42 for short.  For cement kilns you can
  find this document in either WordPerfect or Adobe Acrobat at the
  following web address:
  See Portland cement manufacturing, C11S06.pdf (adobe format)
  Page 16 onward provides the emission factors for various types of
  plants for emissions besides dust.  Page 20 onward provides emission
  factors for toxic metals, organics, and acids, and includes dioxins and
  furans.  The appendix has a huge list of references.
  Once you get over the shock of the list starting on page 20, we can
  talk more.  
  Sam McClintock