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Re: Apple Architecture

  In reply to Scott K. McGrath's message sent 11/17/97 7:30 PM:
  >I wonder what Jobs was smoking the night he took Gates' 30 pieces of
  >silver... Or is it that he -hates- Apple that much?
  True enough, a person could get nauseous trying to figure out Steve Jobs. 
  But I wouldn't mistake his opaque method of operating for a lack of guile.
  >And I wonder if the reason why Apple is having such a tough time getting a
  >new CEO is because nobody wants it now that Microsoft is involved?
  Unlikely. The three much more obvious reasons: (1) the board of directors 
  is new, (2) the company is perceived as a "sinking ship", and (3) working 
  for Steve Jobs can be hellish.
     Mitch Stone
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