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Re: Satellites

  claribba@jps.net wrote:
  >To Whom It May Concern:
  >The last time I posted to this list, the email was mistakenly sent to a
  >university in Florida, so I apologize to anyone who gets this by accident
  >and through no intention on my part.  I am using the correct email address
  >for the AM list and have no control once I hit the "send" button.  My ISP
  >confirms that it too has no control.
  Hi Claire..
  Was your mail going to someplace called "ju.com?" or "diginav.com"..mine
  was..two days ago.
  I didn't send any mail to the AMlist yesterday, so I'm wondering if the
  problem has been fixed.I think they have a machine at that other address
  that automatically generates those screaming replies "GET ME OFF YOUR
  LIST!!" or the eqivalent..very unpleasant ...they must have lots of similar
  problems in the past.
  I sent a notice to them, the listmaster@essential.org, and my
  ISP..hopefully the problem is resolved by now.I wonder, are any other
  people having this problem?
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