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  To Whom It May Concern:
  The last time I posted to this list, the email was mistakenly sent to a
  university in Florida, so I apologize to anyone who gets this by accident
  and through no intention on my part.  I am using the correct email address
  for the AM list and have no control once I hit the "send" button.  My ISP
  confirms that it too has no control.
  Ok, to list members:
   this morning at  http://www.abcnews.con/sections/business/
  an item appears, far down on the list of news articles, regarding the 9B M$
  investment in Teledesic communications satellite.  
  Apparently, there are 40 European nations complaining about bandwidth
  monopolization by M$ and partners.  This may seem unrelated to our previous
  discussions, but with Win98 and an "active desktop" in the future, perhaps
  it's not so off the wall.
  I am the first to admit to not being technologically savvy enough to know
  all the repercussions of this M$ in the sky, but it's sending out little
  warning signals in my "paranoid" brain.  
  Claire Macdonald