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Re: Nader Conference? (A view from someone who was there...)

  In reply to Declan McCullagh's message sent 11/17/97 8:00 PM:
  >It was just as much due to the refusal on the part of the conference
  >organizers to allow non-MSFT groups who would have disagreed with them to
  >speak. Free market thinktanks like Cato Heritage and CEI wanted to speak
  >but were denied permission.
  >So much for Ralph giving both sides of the story.
  Perhaps someone from Essential should respond to this, but it's my 
  impression that Microsoft's refusal to speak for themselves did not 
  somehow entitle them to send shills in their place. I characterize this 
  as an expression of cowardice, not to mention arrogance, consistent with 
  their entire approach to the marketplace. This is indeed unfortunate, 
  because the entire debate is then reduced to shouting over a chasm.
  Whose fault is this? Before blaming Ralph Nader, you may wish to consider 
  whether Microsoft considers this issue to be open for discussion. Take a 
  look at Microsoft's consistently holier-than-thou rhetoric directed at 
  everyone from Janet Reno on down before answering that question.
  I also suggest you take a look at the press coverage of the event. The 
  media was more than careful to allow Microsoft to present their case at 
  every turn. The media continues to be astonishingly deferential to 
  Microsoft, while up until very recently, turning a deaf ear to their 
  I think what really annoys Microsoft and its defenders is that criticism 
  of the company's behavior is finally being heard. They worry with 
  justification that some of it will hit its target.
     Mitch Stone
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     corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a 
     trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.
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