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Re: Nader Conference? (A view from someone who was there...)

  In reply to Pieter Nagel's message sent 11/16/97 12:36 PM:
  >If the MS criticism is limited to a highly paid minority, why is the
  >term "Microsoft bashing" so prevalent and well known?
  As someone who was also there... allow me to second that emotion.
  Precious little in the way of "bashing" was going on at this event. Yes, 
  Microsoft critics held the floor by in large, but this was mainly the 
  result of a refusal on the part of Microsoft officials to participate in 
  the event. 
  The press was out in force, and though I've yet to see many of the 
  products, they made a credible effort to keep everyone on the beam. 
  Richard Brandt of Upside Magazine I thought did a particularly credible 
  job of asking difficult questions of the panelists. These questions were 
  answered, included those asked by Mr. Kelly.
  This was by no means, as per Steve Ballmer's hyperbole, a "kangaroo 
  court." In fact, a goodly number of the speakers provided views of 
  Microsoft and its role in the industry in a rather ambiguous and/or 
  conciliatory fashion. One reads between the lines of Mr. Kelly's 
  "reflections" on the conference a certain frustration that the conference 
  did not amount to the pile-on he anticipated, or perhaps even hoped for. 
  >From the criticism (dare I say, bashing?) directed at Ralph Nader, the 
  conference organizers and the speakers, one wonders who would Microsoft 
  and its supporters find to be appropriately qualfied to express their 
  concerns? Their competitors are certainly not in a position to be 
  critics, and consumer activists apparently also lack validity. Who, then? 
  Where, then?
  This is a rhetorical question, of course, so allow me to answer it: 
  Nowhere, and never.
  By the way "Ralph Nader Does Not Speak for Me," either -- I prefer to do 
  that for myself. But that does not stop me from LISTENING to the views 
  others. Those who would whine mightily at the very _thought_ of this 
  conference might just give it a try sometime.
     Mitch Stone
     If you don't see it Microsoft's way, then you just don't 
     have enough information. -- Silicon Valley Saying
     Boycott Microsoft ** http://www.vcnet.com/bms