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Re: Brave New World

  > the program.  I have friends whose kids are part of the program.  We
  > differ in opinion on the cash thing.  If what he gives away has value to
  > the recipients, then I consider it philanthropy.  When I give time to
  > the Dallas Habitat for Humanity and the Dallas SPCA, I am not giving
  > them cash, but it still has value.  Do Microsoft products given away
  And the time you give is un-recoverable. Mr. Gates will certainly recover
  his costs by the process of "brain-washing" students to use only microsoft
  products (by giving them away and appearing as this benevolent protrator.
  > have less value because you (or anyone else) do not like Microsoft?  Do
  > you have the same objections with all the giving done by Apple over the
  > years to the education sector?  They certainly benefitted from that
  Yes I do.
  > activity, but I don't think any less of their efforts because of it.
  Yes I do.
  > I think your equating Gates with a heroin dealer is entirely uncalled
  > for.
  Jeez! That sounds familiar... Is there a "Protect Bill Gates" class that I
  missed in school?  In a previous thread this exact same comment was made.
  Follow these links....
  User states his case...
  Someone complains about the comparison...
  User refutes complaint by justifying his understanding of the details of the
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