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RE: Brave New World

  >acquisition:  his "philanthropy"!  What philanthropy?
  >(Many of us wonder if he will EVER develop
  >a social conscience and make donation for the public
  It has been done, your just not aware of it. I recall a 10 million donation
  for biotech research to a University was in the news once. Charitable
  contributions made w/ lots of media publicity usually backfire and make
  people think it's being done solely to enhance their image (the pharisees
  making a big show of their giving to the poor). Why don't you (if you have
  the stomach!) look at
  for all kinds of self serving displays of philanthropy like "Gates Supports
  Nelson Mandela Children's fund" - why don't you reasearch a few facts 
  before spewing false characterisations. Get a signed affidavit from the
  Nelson M. Childrens fund stating "MS Never donated anything to us!"
  and then you'll have something. They claim it's a $million contribution.
  >There are other examples of history rewritten.
  >I was at a Microsoft Internet Developers'
  >conference where a speaker said that Microsoft was a
  >pioneer of GUI development.  Of course, that is a great
  >exaggeration.  Xerox PARC and Apple were the
  >real pioneers.  Similarly, Microsoft did not pioneer object oriented
  >or C++ programming, though MS speakers sometimes
  >claim this.  AT&T and Stroustrup get the credit there.  And
  >I think Borland had a C++ compiler on the market before
  >Microsoft, though I could be wrong.
  Your probably right. MS has rarely, if ever, created anything new - just
  copy or acquire, develop and market.
  An interesting parallel from history is the domination by the RCA corp.
  in the important industry of radio and TV. As a recent public TV program
  pointed out, TV was actually first invented and patented by a private inventor,
  Farnsworth - but darn if RCA didn't do everything to try and buy it up - and
  RCA still made lots of ads saying: "RCA - First in Television".  I have some
  old time radio programs in my collection w/ those ads.