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RE: Brave New World

  	PS---By the way, the school that Gates gave software to, if I'm
  not mistaken,
  	is a very exclusive, very rich all-girls school in Dallas where
  his wife went
  	for high school. If they need software donations anywhere in
  Dallas, they need
  	them in Oak Cliff and other poor areas.
  The school you mention is Ursuline Acadamy, a Catholic girls high
  school.  It is where Mrs. Gates graduated.  However, it was not the only
  school, and I am pretty sure that another one actually is in the south
  Dallas/Oak Cliff area.  There were also other schools outside of Texas.
  		do kids and schools need to teach computer education or
  MS software
  I wish that was really the problem that we had to deal with in education
  here in Dallas.  If you are at all familiar with the Dallas school
  system, you know what I mean.