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RE: arrogance toward customers

  	I am an advocate of Linux, but I don't really care who has the
  biggest group
  	of advocates. I am proud of the fact that there are Linux User
  Groups all over
  	the world, and that has been accomplished without any
  appreciable corporate
  	By the way, what are the numbers for worldwide NT boxes in use?
  I don't know, not being a marketing type.  But I figure it must be a lot
  since Microsoft has this monopoly thing going. :-)
  	That's not bad for a free, cooperative effort among geeks of the
  	I would think that MS and MS supporters, even if they don't care
  for Linux
  	technically, would have to admire the social aspects of its
  accomplishment. It
  	speaks well for the willingness to compromise and cooperate of
  all involved.
  Not bad at all.  I have nothing against Linux.  I have a friend who was
  a heavy contributer to the early efforts.  I thought the whole thing was
  pretty cool.  It just so happens that my job involves a lot of Microsoft
  stuff so therefore I have an interest in these current events.  I'm a
  software developer, so my respect goes to good technical efforts.  I am
  just as impressed by all the good, hard work that went into Microsoft's
  operating systems as I am by all the work that went into Linux.  I'm
  sure Microsoft's developers had to cooperate and compromise, too.
  Microsoft employs some darn good talent that has earned my respect.
  I hope you and others don't assume that those of us who are not against
  Microsoft, are against everything else.  With Microsoft's success, it
  comes as no surprise to anyone that they have their detractors.  It
  should also be no surprise that Microsoft has a lot of supporters.  And,
  that those supporters can be just as independent in their opinions as
  the detractors.  I don't assume that people objecting to Microsoft's
  size and success are really "plants" from other software companies.  I
  certainly have not made it my purpose in life to oppose OS/2, Netware,
  MacOS, UNIX, or anything else (heck, I still have a working Apple ][+).
  I'm not making any assumptions about anyone else involved here, and
  hopefully everyone else will do the same.