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FW: arrogance toward customers

  moonwolf@earthling.net[SMTP:moonwolf@earthling.net] said:
  >Y'know, there's a point that has to be made here.  i think it's
  >a telling one.  You'll note the "Team OS/2" in my signature.
  >That means, of course, that I am an active member of a team
  >that seeks to advance OS/2 use.  You will also notice that it
  >does NOT say Team IBM.  You will notice that our friends, the
  >Linux proponents, also do not support any single _company_,
  >rather they support an idea and the software that comes from
  >it.  The same is true of Team OS/2.  Yet, you can cast about
  >forever, but you won't find a Team Win 95 or 97 or NT.  You
  >WILL find a Team Gates though.
  I found out about this conference from a user group in WashDC
  called NTPro, you can find their page at
  (note the .org domain too), the "Association of Windows NT System
  Professionals". They have monthly meetings, charity functions.