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FW: MS's response to Nader

  >Smacks of fascism is right.  NPR reported that hordes of MS
  >PR-People are patrolling the hallways of the convention area
  >nabbing and brainwashing every reporter they can ferret out.
  >Just turn the clock back to 1930, and dress them in black shirts
  Oh my God. All this type of language does is belittle the horrors of
  Nazism, Fascism, genocide and the horrible treatment of people in 
  concentration camps that plagued the earth before WWII. 
  Tell you what, as soon as MS lackeys start resorting to murder to
  eleminate their competition, 'bumping off' and 'disappearing' programmers
  for rival companies then you'll have grounds for such remarks.
  If I go into a Ford dealer those fascists sales people keep trying to 
  convince me that Ford's are the best cars made, darn them.