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Re: Brave New World

  > The difference between what Apple did and what MS/Gates does is one of degree,
  > I'll grant that. But when Apple was giving away stuff to schools, it was a way
  > of trying to consolidate the market share they had or wanted to keep.
  Well, if Apple was trying to consolidate market share, this was wrong. However, it
  wasn't like Apple was giving away it's product. Apple still made a healthy profit
  on it's sale of hardware. Gates is giving away software under the guise of
  > PS---By the way, the school that Gates gave software to, if I'm not mistaken,
  > is a very exclusive, very rich all-girls school in Dallas where his wife went
  > for high school. If they need software donations anywhere in Dallas, they need
  > them in Oak Cliff and other poor areas.
  I guess I can prove I'm not all anti-Bill. Click here.
  Also in this article it states that he does give money/software, not just
  software. To the libraries and a group called Focus HOPE. (not educational
  facilities) He donated $2 mil. (two tax-deductible organizations) There is no
  mention of how the donation broke down between the groups and between the money or
  the software.
                Christopher Pall
  Delphi Programmer & Western Michigan Student (CS)
                Kalamazoo MI USA