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Is MS responsible for bad hardware?

  >>By the way, speaking of Microsoft applications, is it just me or is there
  >>something really messed up with the way that the mouse functions on
  >>high-powered pc's using WIN95 in at least two respects:
  >>1) when you insert the cursor in the middle of a sentence, it will often
  >>highlight the entire sentence when this is not intended.
  This is getting absurd - what your probably have is a mouse with a
  scratchy left button - I can, as I write this, insert the cursor in the middle
  of a word, OR, if I 'double click' on a word, it is 'selected' or highlighted.
  You know, seriously - you guys are (legitimately I think too) griping about
  Microsoft when the REAL CULPRIT is very, very often  CHEAP FLAKEY
  HARDWARE!!!  There is some real crap out there, and of course if you run
  software from ANYBODY on crummy hardware you will have problems.