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Re: Is MS responsible for bad hardware?

  >This is getting absurd - what your probably have is a mouse with a
  >scratchy left button - I can, as I write this, insert the cursor in the
  >of a word, OR, if I 'double click' on a word, it is 'selected' or
  >You know, seriously - you guys are (legitimately I think too) griping about
  >Microsoft when the REAL CULPRIT is very, very often  CHEAP FLAKEY
  >HARDWARE!!!  There is some real crap out there, and of course if you run
  >software from ANYBODY on crummy hardware you will have problems.
  Naw, this happens on my home machine and work machine alike, both Dells. I
  have been a programmer since 1968 and know the difference between hardware
  and software problems. The woman who sits down the hall for me and puts out
  a department newsletter won't use a mouse in any Win95 applications,
  because the behavior is so flakey.
  Louis Proyect