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Re: Apple's Future

  >Yesterday evening, I just read an article from John C. Dvorak,
  >there's a great probability Apple will, in a near future, switch from
  >the PowerPC architecture, to Intel microprocessors. Moreover, the next
  >version of the MacOS will be based on the Windows NT kernel ! Apparently
  >that's why they bought NEXTStep, which runs mainly on PC's, and why
  >Jean-Louis Gassee will release it's BeOS on PC's. JLG, former Apple #2
  >is still in close contact with Apple and knows a lot of secrets.
  For the record;
  Rhapsody IS NOT based on anything MS. It's based on a Mach 5 Unix kernel.
  It is running at this very moment at my home on a PowerMac  AND a Dell
  (Pentium. Looks identical, acts identical. The Yellow box is a piece of
  software that will allow Windows apps to run under Rhapsody. The Blue box
  is software that will allow Mac software to run under Rhapsody. For details
  go to
  Joe B