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Re: Moderately improved Map

  Charles Kelly, NT*Pro wrote:
  > I live in a different state (VA), so maybe things are different where you
  > live. I go to a lot of computer stores and I've NEVER had someone force me
  > to purchase anything. More likely, I can never find someone working in the
  > store to help me find what I'm looking for <G>
  > There are hundreds of products from hundreds of companies. I can pick any
  > one I chose and pay my hard-earned dollars for it. If I don't like what is
  > on my computer I buy a competing product that I do like and (wipe the hard
  > disk) and install whatever I like. Totally my choice.
  > Given that frame of reference, I'm struggling to see how you are "forced."
  Ok, go to Best Buy or any other of the larger "superstores" that sell
  both Wintel systems and Macintosh systems.  Claim to be a first time
  computer buyer that has little or no knowledge of computers.  Make at
  least some token efforts to get the salesperson to show you a Macintosh
  system.  Report on what happens.