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Re: RE: Moderately improved Map

  I live in a different state (VA), so maybe things are different where you
  live. I go to a lot of computer stores and I've NEVER had someone force me
  to purchase anything. More likely, I can never find someone working in the
  store to help me find what I'm looking for <G> 
  There are hundreds of products from hundreds of companies. I can pick any
  one I chose and pay my hard-earned dollars for it. If I don't like what is
  on my computer I buy a competing product that I do like and (wipe the hard
  disk) and install whatever I like. Totally my choice.
  Given that frame of reference, I'm struggling to see how you are "forced."
  At 03:09 AM 11/9/97 -0500, Marianne Wolfman wrote:
  >The anger comes from having Microsoft products stuffed down our throats,
  >over and over again, repeatedly.  The world-according-to-Microsoft is not
  >one many of us want to live in.  Let the market be free and open, with
  >abundant choice for the consumer and no forced "choices."
  >   ---  Marianne       marianne@ccnet.com