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RE: Moderately improved Map

  The anger comes from having Microsoft products stuffed down our throats,
  over and over again, repeatedly.  The world-according-to-Microsoft is not
  one many of us want to live in.  Let the market be free and open, with
  abundant choice for the consumer and no forced "choices."
     ---  Marianne       marianne@ccnet.com
  At 21:38 11/8/97 -0500, David E. Y. Sarna wrote:
  >Claire, you are certainly not forced to put IE on your computer; neither
  >are you forced to use Visual Studio. I find nothing wrong however, with
  >a vendor of one component reusing that component in another tool,
  >especially when the reused component is available free to all comers.
  >Presumably, if many folks felt like you, Microsoft would reconsider
  >their position. I still don't understand where all the anger comes from.
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  >> David Sarna wrote:
  >> >1. What exactly is wrong with Microsoft relying on portions of IE in
  >> >building Developer Studio?
  >> >2. Yes, the new Microsoft help tools are based on html. RoboHelp
  >> (Blue
  >> >Sky Software) has tools for creating this kind of help very easily,
  >> or
  >> >converting existing help files.
  >> >3. IE4 reads the new help files perfectly. The price is right (free).
  >> >What us the  problem, exactly?
  >> >
  >> >Regards,
  >> >David E. Y. Sarna       davids@objectsoftcorp.com
  >> To David Sarna especially,
  >> Some of us don't ever want IE 3.xx, IE 4.xx or IE xxx.xx  on our hard
  >> drives.  Never.  Don't you get it?  I have already posted my main
  >> reasons.
  >> However I did want a program to keep Win95 from crashing.  
  >> Claire Macdonald