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RE: Moderately improved Map

  Claire, you are certainly not forced to put IE on your computer; neither
  are you forced to use Visual Studio. I find nothing wrong however, with
  a vendor of one component reusing that component in another tool,
  especially when the reused component is available free to all comers.
  Presumably, if many folks felt like you, Microsoft would reconsider
  their position. I still don't understand where all the anger comes from.
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  > David Sarna wrote:
  > >1. What exactly is wrong with Microsoft relying on portions of IE in
  > >building Developer Studio?
  > >2. Yes, the new Microsoft help tools are based on html. RoboHelp
  > (Blue
  > >Sky Software) has tools for creating this kind of help very easily,
  > or
  > >converting existing help files.
  > >3. IE4 reads the new help files perfectly. The price is right (free).
  > >What us the  problem, exactly?
  > >
  > >Regards,
  > >David E. Y. Sarna       davids@objectsoftcorp.com
  > To David Sarna especially,
  > Some of us don't ever want IE 3.xx, IE 4.xx or IE xxx.xx  on our hard
  > drives.  Never.  Don't you get it?  I have already posted my main
  > reasons.
  > However I did want a program to keep Win95 from crashing.  
  > Claire Macdonald