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Re: Moderately improved Map

  I am new to this list so I apologize if this seems a little off base or anything
  along those lines and I also missed the first message in this thread.
  I can tell you what would happen, as I used to work at Best Buy. I often told
  folks to purchase a clone machine because they were cheaper and had four more
  rows of software to choose from. Even when someone stated that they wanted a MAC
  (usually teachers), I tried to steer them to what was 90% of the PC market. It's
  true, but it is hard to hire an unbiased person in the computer world. What I
  find interesting about this is that I was simply telling the person what I
  really thought would be the best for that person over the long run.
  Without doubt, MAC retains a level of higher customer usability and probably
  satisfaction. (Although I have to admit, MAC customers got a little upset when
  they went to buy software)
  I want this to be absolutely clear. Best Buy management NEVER EVER informed it's
  employees' to steer customer's to IBM clones. In fact, many of my managers were
  extremely pro-mac for the above paragraphs' reason. MACS are rarely were
  returned and therefore were a low-risk to the company. (my line of reasoning,
  but it seems logical)
  Jeffrey C. Ollie wrote:
  > Charles Kelly, NT*Pro wrote:
  > >
  > > I live in a different state (VA), so maybe things are different where you
  > > live. I go to a lot of computer stores and I've NEVER had someone force me
  > > to purchase anything. More likely, I can never find someone working in the
  > > store to help me find what I'm looking for <G>
  > >
  > > There are hundreds of products from hundreds of companies. I can pick any
  > > one I chose and pay my hard-earned dollars for it. If I don't like what is
  > > on my computer I buy a competing product that I do like and (wipe the hard
  > > disk) and install whatever I like. Totally my choice.
  > >
  > > Given that frame of reference, I'm struggling to see how you are "forced."
  > Ok, go to Best Buy or any other of the larger "superstores" that sell
  > both Wintel systems and Macintosh systems.  Claim to be a first time
  > computer buyer that has little or no knowledge of computers.  Make at
  > least some token efforts to get the salesperson to show you a Macintosh
  > system.  Report on what happens.
  > Jeff
                Christopher Pall
  Delphi Programmer & Western Michigan Student (CS)
                Kalamazoo MI USA