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Personal Holiday Cards/and other non-choices

  Hi gang..
  I just wanted to do a little demo here of why some non-Windows users are
  frustrated. I know that no one can enjoin companies [like the one who sent
  this to me] to make their stuff available for alternate platforms..but this
  is kinda what a lot of us are frustrated about..if you check out the
  following, you'll find the offer is only available to those running Windows
  95 or NT....
  >Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 23:15:20 -0800
  >to: tobeth@lava.net (Heather Wimberly)
  >from: pwcards@filmworks.com (Seattle FilmWorks)
  >subject: Personal Holiday Cards
  >reply-to: pwcards@filmworks.com
  >Dear Heather Wimberly
  >Now you can create and order personal Holiday cards without ever leaving home.
  >And the software is FREE. SFW's new PhotoWorks Cards is the easy way to
  >make personal
  >cards look professional. [blan blan blan deleted...]
  >To download your free PhotoWorks Cards, come to our web site at
  >Gary Christophersen
  >President Seattle FilmWorks
  In addition to offers like this, I have been told I cannot take on-line
  courses from the University of Phoenix, nor can I get a job working at home
  using AutoCAD [latest versions used in professional architectural offices
  are only available for Windows] unless I want to get an emulator and run
  Windows on my Macintosh.
  Let''s say, for reasons beyond some people's comprehension.. I don't *want*
  to run Windows..say because for some obscure reason I find it morally
  objectionable to support Microsoft. Thus, I have effectively been shut out,
  not only of markets offering holiday cards, but from education and
  employment opportunities because I happen to be running the "wrong" OS on
  the "wrong" hardware..Now that may not be much of a legal argument, but it
  sure is a pain in the you-know-where!
  Sure I have a "choice"..get Windows, or forget it!