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Re: A challenge re-issued.

  On Mon, 10 Nov 1997 10:38:15 -0500 (EST), moonwolf@earthling.net wrote:
  >Not only is there silence for that question, but also the
  >question of why would millions of informed consumers buy
  >an inferior product.  Why are they doing it right now?
  >NT is not the equal to Linux or OS/2 or Solaris or
  >Novell or . . .
  >The Aberdeen Group, the Standish Group, and others concur
  >that NT is not ready for prime time. So why is it
  >advancing in market share as fast as it is? Why are all
  >these supposedly astute, technologically-inclined
  >business people gambling on inferior technology to run
  >their businesses?  Why?
  >The answer to both of these questions are the same.
  I would add one more spin on it Ed.  Many of the
  "technologically-inclined" in larger corporations
  either are not the ultimate "approvers" of new purchases
  or upgrades...or else they have a hidden agenda for expansion
  or job security within their purview.  Of course, this is just 
  my speculation based on anecdotal information I've been told
  or have gleaned from a few companies.
  I believe MS will work hard to win the business managers,
  CEOs, and purchasing powers-to-be first, before CIOs and
  MIS folks are involved therby allowing MS to defuse technical 
  objections with promise of lower costs, greater reliabilty, 
  seamlessness, scalabilty, etc.
  Erick Andrews