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Re: A challenge re-issued.

  ** Reply to note from paul@hedonism.demon.co.uk Mon, 10 Nov 1997 02:07:21 -0500 (EST)
  > I had looked forward to reading the replies to this
  > challenge, but I think the deafening silence we've
  > heard on this key point sends an even clearer signal.
  > It seems as though your definition of anti-competitive
  > practices extends no further than actually rounding up
  > bands of consumers at gunpoint and forcing them to buy
  > your product.
  Not only is there silence for that question, but also the
  question of why would millions of informed consumers buy
  an inferior product.  Why are they doing it right now?
  NT is not the equal to Linux or OS/2 or Solaris or
  Novell or . . .
  The Aberdeen Group, the Standish Group, and others concur
  that NT is not ready for prime time. So why is it
  advancing in market share as fast as it is? Why are all
  these supposedly astute, technologically-inclined
  business people gambling on inferior technology to run
  their businesses?  Why?
  The answer to both of these questions are the same.
  Team OS/2
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  Edward R. Mortimer moonwolf@earthling.net
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