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Who Will Report?

  Who on this list will actually attend the United States v.
  Microsoft hearing in Washington and report, more or less
  real-time, to this list on developments in the courtroom.
  I am betting Microsoft will cave. But, the general media
  reporting will likely be wierd. If Microsoft does cave, it
  will be "spun" into a triumph. The government will allow MS
  to continue integrating features into DOS/Windows, an issue
  only in the mind of Microsoft.
  But, a new consent decree giving OEMs broad power to install
  software as they will and providing for uniform pricing for
  IE4 across MS and non-MS (mostlly Unix) platforms will be
  pretty much what the USG seeks in this proceeding.
  My guess is that the Dec135 call (MSQLG) will immediately go
  up from 4 last but within a month the Dec135 put (MSQXG)
  will be up from 7 last. That is double your money in a month
  if MSQKE subsequently declines to 3 and MSQKG goes up to 8.
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