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Re: Who Will Report?

  Naah... They're not going to cave... Bill will push up the Windows 98 ship date and either negotiate or pay the $1Million/day
  until then.  Since IE is integrated into the Windows 98 desktop, it'll be moot at that point since Windows 95 will no longer
  be shipped.
  Scott K. McGrath
  John Robert BEHRMAN wrote:
  > Who on this list will actually attend the United States v.
  > Microsoft hearing in Washington and report, more or less
  > real-time, to this list on developments in the courtroom.
  > I am betting Microsoft will cave. But, the general media
  > reporting will likely be wierd. If Microsoft does cave, it
  > will be "spun" into a triumph. The government will allow MS
  > to continue integrating features into DOS/Windows, an issue
  > only in the mind of Microsoft.
  > But, a new consent decree giving OEMs broad power to install
  > software as they will and providing for uniform pricing for
  > IE4 across MS and non-MS (mostlly Unix) platforms will be
  > pretty much what the USG seeks in this proceeding.
  > My guess is that the Dec135 call (MSQLG) will immediately go
  > up from 4 last but within a month the Dec135 put (MSQXG)
  > will be up from 7 last. That is double your money in a month
  > if MSQKE subsequently declines to 3 and MSQKG goes up to 8.
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