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anti-MS forces

  There are many more forces positioned against Microsoft, only
  some of which are currently visible. Remember John Malone, 
  former president of TCI. He made a speech in which he stated
  the corporate equivalent of "I will bury you" to the telephone
  companies. Ever since then, both he and his company suffered.
  There are multiple sources of power in the US despite substan-
  tial centralization of power and wealth. Some of these forces
  do not take lightly mistakes of brash newcomers, like Malone
  and like Gates. Moreover, Gates' personal ownership of MS will
  be held against him...sharing the wealth is an important aspect
  of the powers-that-be in corporate America.
  Here are some of the forces that Gates will encounter: The
  broadcasting industry (over trying to control the set-top),
  the cable industry (same as first), consumer electronics
  industry (over 480line/60Progressive standard for advanced
  TV), with the Grand Alliance members (same as above), with
  telephone companies (over Internet telephony and cheap,
  universal Internet access). 
  There are others who may well end up on a collision course
  with M
  S, particularly if the company does not improve its communications
  with others. The arrogance of MS executives is unmistakable and
  raised hackles everywhere last year at the National Association
  of Broadcasters.
  These oppositional forces may seem insignificant but I don't
  think they are. The broadcasters and telephone companies, in
  particular, exercise great power in both NY and Wash DC and
  can put a spoke in just about anybody's wheel if they put  
  their minds to it. 
  I am hoping that these forces will converge, not so much
  to injure MS as to improve it. 
  I think the company is running scared because it nearly
  lost control of the desktop to Netscape by failing to
  recognize the threat that it and the Internet represented
  to its dominance. Now MS is determined that this will *
  never* happen again, especially in the convergence of 
  the PC and the TV.
  The trouble arises when a company (like a person) makes
  its decisions based on fear. It is causing MS to take
  aggressive postures that serve to unite its opposition.
  Just my 2 cents.
  Joan VT