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Re: Why Bill Gates Will Win

  At 10:37 PM -0500 11/7/97, Mark Hinds wrote:
  >So, now PLEASE stop giving me this moral crapola about goverment
  >and business. There are certainly no constitutional garantees
  >regarding copyrights. So if there can be copyrights, then
  >certainly there can be antitrust laws. It is not a moral
  >issue. These are both simply attempts by our society to
  >balance individual and societal needs. Big fat harry deel.
  I believe I understood your point, and I can not help but mention
  in addition that whatever a society has implicitly or explicitly
  defined as its 'morals' are likely to find their way into
  determining just what these laws are.
  So I would submit that it is not entirely out of place to
  bring into the discussion questions of morality, especially
  when the existing laws are possibly due for some timely re-
  definition, as is frequently the case as the society and its
  business milieu evolve.  As the society evolves, like structural
  filaments its laws must evolve as well, and it is in part
  the morals of the society at that time of legislative redefinition
  that are brought to bear on their recodification.
  Just a thought.
  John Bryan