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New online publication covering "alternative operating systems" [FWD] fromApple's EvangeList

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  David Adams, <david@icentral.com>
  OS News, a weekly online publication covering alternative operating
  systems and computing environments launches on Monday, November 3, with
  extensive coverage of Apple's upcoming operating system, Rhapsody. Our
  featured articles include: a sneek peak at the Rhapsody Developer
  Release, a report on how Mac developers are embracing Rhapsody, an
  interview with one of the poineer Rhapsody developers who extolls the
  virtues of object-oriented development, and "how to build a fully
  functional word processor in five minutes using Rhapsody."
  OS News also covers Java, Linux, Network Computers, Be, Inferno, Newton
  OS, and other new technologies. OS News also keeps an eye on the OS world
  with continuously updated daily news.
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  Beech Family