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Nader wants your opinion about real estate online

  Dear AM-Readers, please comment or forward to a friend....
  Ralph Nader wants your opinion on the following questions for a
  presentation on the future of real estate online at the upcoming
  conference, “Appraising Microsoft and its Global Strategies.”  (For more
  info, see http://www.appraising-microsoft.org/)
  1.  What are the leading trends in real estate online from your
  perspective as a real estate consumer?
  2.  How can new information technologies be used to empower real estate
  consumers like you to save money?
  3.  What specific features would you like to see on a real estate web
  4.  Why is Microsoft getting involved in real estate and what will the
  impact be?
  I have been honored by NaderÂ’s invitation to present the consumers'
  perspective on these questions and would benefit from your opinion.
  Please send your comments to me at bwendel@realestatecafe.com
  Thank you for your thoughts!
  Bill Wendel
  The Real Estate Cafe
  221 Concord Avenue
  Cambridge, MA  02138
  (617) 661-4046
  PS.  Similar comments are being collected from real estate professionals
  (see http://db.inman.com/inman/inf/inman/detail.cfm?ID=971106h
  but this is your chance as a CONSUMER to shape the future of real estate