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Re: This is why libraries have fiction and non-fiction sections...

  "Charles Kelly, NT*Pro" <ckelly@cpcug.org> wrote:
  >I have no problem believing what is correct and true and substantianted.
  >When incorrect mouth-to-mouth anecdotes are reported as truth, I object. 
  Do you have reason to believe that the assertion made that MS just bullied
  their stuff into the market is false? Could you provide hard facts that
  substantiate your view?
  >I researched and wrote stories about it. I interviewed executives of the
  >involved companies. Etc., etc.
  Please point me at these stories. Since I have no factual reason
  to believe that you researched or wrote anything. Please provide
  hard facts and not this silly keyboard-to-keyboard anecdote.
  > I was only offering that if anyone had any factual evidence that they
  > should provide it. (One of the first rules of reporting is don't ask
  > the question unless you know the answer...)
  You said you were glad that some person wasn't a historian because
  as far as I could tell you didn't like the history they offered.
  If all you wanted were factual substantiations then perhaps you should
  not have included this sentance which seems to reveal your position
  rather starkly. Now it seems that you are a reporter and know the
  first rule of reporting. Are you suggesting that you have somekind
  of answer to the question Can anyone provide hard facts as to MS's?
  OK, so what's the answer?
  Please, in answering, find a way for my poor desperate little mind
  to unsderstand how it is that MS always seems to come out ahead,
  even though their initial product entries are late and mediocre.
  MS success given this FACT alone essentially substantiates the
  allegation that MS uses it's OS marketing clout to leverage out
  competitors. But, once again, I seem to have left my hard facts
  in my other pants. So give me a clue. What would you consider hard proof?
  >I realize you desperately want to believe otherwise because it validates
  >your stance. But t'aint so...  
  That's nice. How exactly did you come to this realization and what exactly
  do you suppose my stance to be? I do most of my own home and car repairs.
  Why should I pay some guy to screw things up when I can scew-them-up myself
  for free -:) I buy PC's in pieces and put them together myself and then
  stick Linux on them. As of yet I have not been stopped from using comuters
  the way I see fit by MS, but it does seem that Bill would like to 'help'
  me do things right. Thanks Bill, but I'll just limp along on my own for
  a while longer.
  By the way, I'm still waiting to hear what an NT*Pro is.
  Actually, I have now learned the first rule of reporting and
  so have constructed the answer: An NT*Pro is a close cousin
  of the karoke musician. Alright, I'm sorry, that was rude.
  If I'm so smart how come I'm not rich? Well? Oops!! I forgot
  the first rule of reporting. Boy I'm sure glad I'm not a reporter
  or a historian.