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Re: This is why libraries have fiction and non-fiction sections...

  On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Charles Kelly, NT*Pro wrote:
  >I researched and wrote stories about it. I interviewed executives of the
  >involved companies. Etc., etc. I was only offering that if anyone had any
  >factual evidence that they should provide it. (One of the first rules of
  >reporting is don't ask the question unless you know the answer...)
  Well, Charles, since you are so knowledgeable about this issue, why are you
  playing so damn coy about sharing that knowledge with the rest of us schmuck?
  Is it for rhetorical effect?
  By the way, I think you should post the full bibliographical data of any and
  all articles you've published on this issue so we can read them and be able to
  have a real dialogue with you about your interpretations.
  I mean it's only fair that you do so if you're on this list for the purposes
  of real dialogue.
  It's bad form to lord your knowledge over someone who has less, but then
  refuse to share it with them.
  	Kendall Clark
  Linux is free. Life is good.