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Re: A thought experiment

  For me Microsoft has gone too far when they have over 50% of the market.
  They have DEFINITELY gone too far at 90 to 95% of the OS market.  This is
  "too far" for me because it gives them a *significant* competitive
  advantage in the applications market.  If their OS & products were superior
  it might be OK, but that has not been my experience.  I have used several
  versions of UNIX on specialized hardware & Intel clones, Macintosh
  computers, OS/2 on clones, and Microsoft products on clones.  I've gotten
  the feeling that Microsoft products are like "amateur hour", especially
  after my UNIX experience.  I had one computer with 16MB of RAM, 66MHz 486,
  & 500MB disk run UNIX for 3 years without crashing and do $40 million worth
  of business supporting 4 people.  The same hardware is considered a bare
  minimum for effective Win95 for one user nowadays.   In the Wintel world
  GPFs, Resource problems, and occasional crashes are accepted as normal.
  COMPUTERS  DO  NOT  HAVE  TO  CRASH  OR  FREEZE!!!!!  By restricting
  competition we all loose when it comes to advanced reliable Operating
  Systems & Applications, because there is less outside innovation  (Where do
  you want us to take you today?).
  SKip Steuart