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Re: Proposal to create a map of our collective evidence of tying, issues of law

  	Subject proposal is an ambitious one. It may
  	have to dovetail with what is already being done 
  	along its general lines:
  	There is the actual brief on the evidence and
  	law to compel MS to obey its consent decree
  	that the Department of Justice now has and will
  	eventually make public during its enforcement
  	There is also this website,   http://www.essential.org
  	that not only maintains web copies all our comments 
  	here but is tracking the whole Nader vs. MS appraisal.
  	The above is not to say anything against subject mapping
  	proposal. As I understand it, it is a good one.
  	Thinking aloud, it might be nice to create, with
  	the help of this List and the team at  essential.org
  	a hypertext petition from citizens such as ourselves
  	which had a main body demanding that MS cease
  	and desist from stated anti-competitive practices.
  	Below this common petition would signatures.
  	Along with our signatures we would be invited to 
  	add URL's to supporting additional evidence and/
  	or argument on the law and business aspects of
  	the main petition. Conceivably, 	these URL's 
  	could be moderated by the publisher (say,
  	essential.org) of the petition.
          John Gelles                   email  address: myturn@vcol.net
          http://www.myturn.org   ;    http://www.rain.org/~jjgelles/
          The Web addresses above pertain to an economic bill
           of rights.
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  From: Hans Reiser <reiser@ricochet.net>
  To: Multiple recipients of list <am-info@essential.org>
  Subject: Proposal to create a map of our collective evidence of tying,
  issues of law
  Date: Sunday, November 02, 1997 10:56 PM
  I wish to ask the members of this list:  do you have specific instances
  of interface tying, or other tying, suitable for putting in the form of
  an affidavit signed by you that could be used in court?
  .... [see original message]