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Re: Proposal to create a map of our collective evidence of tying, issues oflaw/reply

  If youre looking for some pages on the net with these stories, here's one:
  --- for---
      Testimony of various hardware manufacturers about MS pressure on
  them to dump Netscape (needs a URL)
  "Compaq testimony says Microsoft Threatened it" - Wed. Oct 22, Reuters
  Your idea is a good one, to get us all involved in something constructive.
  Here's another story I wanted to share with the group. It's not "evidence"
  but it shows what's at stake here, among other things; what we architects
  call "public health,safety and welfare"
  This is an edited anecdote from the EvangeList, a moderated newsletter by
  Guy Kawasaki of Apple Computer Co....
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  >This tidbit is from:
  >Brian Hayes, <bhayes@mercury.interpath.com>
  >This is excerpted from "Distributed Means Clusters, Networks--and NT?" by
  >John Gustafson, in _IEEE Computational Science and Engineering_,
  >July-September 1997, page 87. Gustafson is reporting on the Sixth High
  >Performance Distributed Computing Conference at Portland State University
  >in August:
  >"Irony was present in the first keynote speech by Cornell professor Ken
  >Birman, 'Making the Next Generation Internet Safe at Any Speed.' Birman
  >explained that Intel processors running Windows 95 would soon be in
  >widespread use for life-critical and safety-critical applications such as
  >hospital monitors, air traffic control, and national security. Like it or
  >not, Birman said, the economic forces are unstoppable. His PowerPoint
  >presentation kept crashing on his Wintel computer, however, and he was
  >able to present it only after transferring his files to a Macintosh."
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